Toshiba T300 - last call, Toronto area

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Wed Oct 17 15:05:00 2001

 Damn ! Where were you when I was living in TO before this summer. I also
started the Toronto Classic Computer Collecters, which had a brief life a
couple of years ago. I would have loved to get the Cromenco's but shipping
costs are just to prohibitive to the boonies of Manitoba. I seem to remember
someone who contacted us that was considering selling his collection of
Cromencos. Was that you ?


> One gone, one awaiting its fate: T300 dual floppy PC semi-compatible, no monitor
> (but std RGB OK), spare KB, 2 sets of 3 manuals, 123 & dBII, diskettes & some
> tech info; also service info & schematics for T100. Good for converting 360
> to/from 600 Kb diskettes.
> Headed for landfill if no interest.
> mike

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