New aquisitions: PCjr (minus power supply) and Amstrad PC 6400

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Wed Oct 17 15:25:23 2001

 Ooooo !! There was a PCjr HDD ? From IBM ?
I WANT one !!!


> The IBM PS/1 models 2011 and 2121 both use the same monitor with power supply
> inside. I get several emails from people that buy the CPU but didnt get the
> display with it. PCjr power supplies show up every once in a while around here,
> especially at hamfests. In fact, I bought a jr a few months back with a second
> story floppy drive that connects to the main unit. I'd like to hook up my PCjr
> hard drive to it also.
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> writes:
> << The 1640 reminds me of the IBM 2011 with the power supply in the monitor
> unit. There was an informative thread a while back on the mail list in the
> spring of 1999 regarding the 1640. I have one but alas no K-B. I did win one on
> e-bay but was never able to get a reply from the seller.
> I also have a PCjr and like you don't have the PSU. They come up on e-pay
> occasionally but either I haven't had the money at that time or else the
> seller
> wouldn't ship to Canada. I have managed to acquire some manuals for it,
> including the IBM one, however, as well as some cartridges but they are
> buried somewhere among my stuff which is still in disarray due to my move this
> summer. When I run across them I'll let you know.
> Lawrence
> > Went to a new thrift store this week. Ended up with way more stuff
> > than I expected to. The big items were a complete Amstrad PC 6400
> > (8-bit PC clone, dual half-height floppies, 3 ISA slots, proprietary
> > monitor that powers the base through a monster DIN connector,
> > proprietary keyboard with 9-pin joystick connector) and a nearly complete >
> PCjr w/128K and parallel port sidecars (got non-chicklet keyboard w/cable > and
> CPU, but no PSU). How much should a PCjr PSU run me? What cartridges > were
> there for it? The company I used to write kids games for (Software >
> Productions - makers of "Alphabet Beasts and Company, Micro Mother Goose, >
> Micro Habitats, etc.) did support it, but I was the C-64 dude, not the > PeeCee
> dude. (ob digression: when the company closed, we _did_ hold the > door open
> with the PCjr - it really was a doorstop ;-) > > The scary part is that the
> Amstrad was about triple the cost of the Peanut > (~$6 (after markdown from
> $11) vs ~$2). I guess size does matter. > > So far in my digging, I've found
> that the Amstrad PC 6400 is the > American name for the Amstrad PC 1640, and I
> found a good Amstrad > resource at
> > Any other good tips? > >
> -ethan > >>

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