IIgs using hard disk 20

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Date: Wed Oct 17 15:45:53 2001

 This didn't seem to get thru last time. Sorry if it's a duplicate post.

 Here's some gleanings from my database of a2gs inf. I believe it was
supplied by Supertimer on the csa2 newsgroup.
      There are two things you need to do to get the IIGS usable.
      First, get a hard drive for it. http://www.allelec.com/ Alltech
      Electronics sells an internal hard drive for the IIGS that is
      a hard drive on a card. No extra controller needed. It is
      an IDE controller plus notebook mechanism. It costs $59.
      For that price, you also get the most modern Apple IIGS
      System Software, GS/OS (System 6.0.1), which is normally
      on six separate floppy disks (a hard drive is needed to get
      the most out of it). You also get tons of freewares and
      sharewares. The hard drive is called the Focus hard
      drive card. Look for it on the Alltech site.
      The other thing is memory. Alltech (see above for web
      site) also sells the Sirius RAM card. They are revising
      their web site, so this product may not yet be on there,
      but just call them and ask. It is a 0-8MB memory card
      that can be expanded in 1MB increments using 1MB
      30 pin SIMMs. I'm sure you have an old 386 lying around
      that you can gut.
      Only the IIGS can run a graphical OS somewhat similar to MacOS.
      The IIGS' OS can, with the proper software, generate printed
      pages on high resolution ink-jet printers and laser printers
      with TrueType fonts, an Apple (same as Mac) style GUI, and the
      use of the same keyboards and mice as the Mac (in fact, ADB
      was first used in the IIGS before being used on Macs...pre-GS
      Macs used "telephone" style keyboard cables).
      The IIGS has built in support for 15Khz analog RGB
      color. The IIGS itself has a 4096 color palette
      and is capable of theoretically throwing up to
      3200 of those on screen at once. The monitor the
      IIGS uses will also work on the Amiga and Atari ST
      and their monitors will work on the IIGS.

some URLS

      http://www.sequential.com/ Sequential Systems.

  I believe the A2 FAQ by Rubywand and a bunch of
other stuff is still on this site or you can find it regularly
on the csa2 n-g.
  There used to be older FAQ by one Nathan Mates a
notorious csa2 flamer who, in a snit, removed it from
circulation. If you contact me off-list I MIGHT be able to
tell you what was in it.

 Since I've had an A-gs monitor for years and by the Law
of Affinity knew that a GS would eventually find it's way to me
(thanks Rich) I've kept this info and even the GS manual.


> I was hoping maybe they used the same ports, and I might be able to use
> the HD 20 with my IIgs so I can add a hard drive to it.
> Anyone info would be great.
> -chris
> <http://www.mythtech.net>

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