From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Wed Oct 17 19:10:24 2001

I know this is a long shot, but ... some time back I received a check from
someone, possibly you, possibly someone else, ( I don't keep emails that far
back) for a classic computer item that was returned not too long ago by the P.O
for want of an address, as the address label was scuffed off the box. If you
can tell me what the item was, how much money you sent, and the number of the
account into which your check was deposited, I'll send the package again, at my
own expense. If that's not you, then please forgive me for disturbing you. If
it was you then please send me the address again, and I'll paste it onto a
label, print it, and ship it off forthwith.



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Subject: Re: Blame Microsoft! (in bad taste)

> Speaking of bad taste,
> Did anyone notice that there was a picture of the WTC
> expolsions published in 'Wired' before the 11th?
> (apologies in advance) Fact. The October issue has
> no Written reference to the event because it was obv.
> made before 11-Sep. However, on p.170 there is a
> very realic picture from an ultrabad taste (now)
> CD called Party Music of The Coup. where the artwork
> depicts two tower explosions.
> So... blame Wired?
> John A.
> I think the A-bomb folks are getting Me 'wired'
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