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Date: Wed Oct 17 22:36:32 2001

Having had some actual hands-on experience with these beasts
(I used to be a service droid for a Redactron Dealer), I say
deep-six the mutha'.

They're pigs to work on, and utterly useless without the
'printer' (actually, it's an IBM Selectric I typewriter
mechanism, with a belly plate *packed* with solenoids).

Electrically, not very interesting; most of the space in
the cabinet is taken up by the powersupply (ya gotta source
enuf current to actuate all them solenoids).

The 'brain' (if ya wanna call it that) of the thing is
just a 12" square board, packed with custom ceramic SSI
or MSI chips. There was another board with all of the SCR's
(I think, geez, that was like, twenty years ago).

ANyways, one of my fondest memories was the day I had to
service on one of these puppies at the Aberdeen Proving
Grounds in Maryland.

Those GI's schlocked so much wax on the floor in that office,
the damned umbilical from the cabinet to the selectric
was *stuck* to the floor! I gave it a good yank, and the
wax flaked off the umbilical like so much dandruff. Yeek.

The later Burroughs Redactor II's and III's were 8085 based,
and are of more interest . . .

On Wed, 17 Oct 2001 02:42:40 -0400 M H Stein <> writes:
> Redactron dual mag card WP (with one card), schematic, no printer.
> Can I assume there's no interest and I can finally toss something
> without feeling guilty?
> mike

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