Are office people really that, umm shall we say...slow?

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Thu Oct 18 08:30:42 2001

> I just went to a local computer show today. I was happy to find that a
> few vendors had components available from disassembled computers or
> whatever. I picked up a 3com 3C905-TX PCI ethernet card, an ATI Mach64
> video card, and a very nice Sound Blaster 16, all used of course. The
> Mach64 had "Monitor" written in marker on the slot cover. Do office
> people really need to remind themselves where to plug the monitor in? I
> have also seen a 3.5" floppy drives marked "hard drive a:" and the 5.25"
> floppy, marked, "floppy drive b:". What's the deal?

Well, sometimes it's just convineant (like the colour coding
for actual PC plugs) - If you mark everything unique, you just
don't have to spend time in figuring out what's what.

For example, at one time they where moving my office while I
was on vacation ... so a friend of mine did just mark all plugs
with corosponding numbers ... When I did come back, I first
thought what a jerk, but then I realised that he just didn't
wanted to bother at all.

Again a lesson to learn: Don't always rely on your knowledge.
(and implement a simple low knowledge solution)

(still reading all the stuff from the last two month)

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