ASR 33 Emulation - help!

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Thu Oct 18 12:28:44 2001

> Douglas Quebbeman wrote:
> >
> > For the paper tapes, once read in, you can just use Hyperterm's
> > file transfer... oops, NIX that, I see ASCII mode is not among
> > Hyperterm's file transfer options... Hmmm, you may need to use
> > something like PROCOMM PLUS or ProcommPlus/Win... they still
> > have the ASCII transfer mode. Or just run DOS and use COPY, I did
> > that with a PC and a friend's CNC machine a few years back, worked
> > quite well.
> Nobody on this list likes KERMIT anymore ?
> Just wondering.

I was never a big Kermit fan. It came at the very end of the days
when it would have been of most use to me (76-81). As a nearly
charter member of Ward & Randy's BBS, I adopted Ward Christiansen's
XMODEM protocol, and used MODEM/MODEM86 during those years.

First time I saw it was a copy that came with an 8051 protoboard in '87
and it gave me fits, being generally much less capable than a clone
of Andrew Flugelman's terminal emulator/transfer program (forgot the

PROCOMM most closely resembled Andrew's program, so that became my
standard terminal emulator under DOS, and later Windows.

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