Are office people really that, umm shall we say...slow?

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Date: Fri Oct 19 17:45:00 2001

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> >Office person, sure. But an IT person who couldn't solder a connector
> >gets no respect from me at all....
> I don't disagree, but unfortuantly, Windows Crap OS and sleep thru
> "certifications" have bread countless morons that are now employed as IT
> managers.
> My company did a survey a number of years ago... college students,
> Computer majors and professors only... The LACK of knowledge, or simply
> WRONG knowledge coming out of these people was frightening, frightening
> to the core that these people were going to graduate and get jobs running
> the IT infrastructure of the US corportations.
> The only good thing that came of it, it finally convinced my boss that a
> college education didn't mean jack... which got me a raise (being a
> college drop out myself)
> -chris

This is correct, the primary problem lies w/ teachers spewing GIGO,
good teachers is percious few.

These teachers has to have good background knowledge and make sure
their info+their learned knowledge is correct before teaching those
to idiots and make clear on few key items. (I give nod to few
students who possess that working brain).

And I also expect students to recheck their learned facts.



PS: Tony, that's exactly what I did to replace mangled VGA
connectors (sorry forgot the type of connector). Chop chewed up
thingie off and ohm them, color code them to what pins, and solder
that to new connector. Actually, cheaper for me to buy $5 M-M VGA
extensions from startech and surgically extract connectors and
slit open that vinyl, yank 6ft long of wires from them for other
uses. Rat shock has them for a cut arm (ouch!) and restocking is
iffy. After that, cut apart the old connector to extract the
RF shielding shells (if it has one, most does) transfer them to newly
soldered connector and solder the shielding wire to it and bind it up
w/ zip ties.
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