Are office people really that, umm shall we say...slow?

From: Dan Kolb <>
Date: Sat Oct 20 08:46:36 2001

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On Saturday 20 Oct 2001 00:21 am, Tony Duell wrote:
> But why would you need to pull the case anyway? Just replace the plug on
> the end of the existing cable.

Well, I was talking about replacing the whole cable. Anyway, being at
University, rather than at home at the moment, means I don't have any of the
right tools to replace even the connector. As I needed a monitor, I thought
it far easier just to buy a new one, and try and repair the old one when I
got back from Uni (plus it was an excuse to get a flat-panel display ;-).

Anyway, before I'd put a new connector on, I'd want to check to make sure
there's no break in the cable between where I'd put the new connector and the
monitor itself - I'd need to open up the case to be able to access the other
end of the cable. (If any of that makes sense).

> > It can be accomplished without sending it away, but for most cases, it's
> > far safer/easier to send it back for repair (and it doesn't void the
> > warranty for
> Easier??? Let me see. I either grab an HDE 15 plug off my bench, solder
> it to the end of the cable, and am up and running again in about 10
> minutes, or I dig out the original box for the monitor, spend at least 5
> minutes puzzling out how the polystyrene bits fit round the monitor, and
> then stagger down to the post office with it. Get it back about 3 weeks
> later, and find it's been mishandled by said postal service, so I have to
> do a full alignment on it. No thanks....

The subject was about 'office people'. Most(?) IT people wouldn't know how to
solder a monitor connector, or possibly wouldn't be allowed to by either
their company or Health and Safety (no, I don't know much about Health&Safety
Laws). So, yes, for you, and probably most, if not all, people on this list
would be easier to grab an HDE 15 plug and resolder it. For most other
people, it's not.

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