List Maintenance

From: Jay West <>
Date: Sat Oct 20 21:22:48 2001


1) Reverse DNS has suddenly stopped working for our netblocks. It appears
this happened a bit ago but really started manifesting itself recently
because the old cached up queries have started to expire. In general terms
this usually isn't THAT big of a deal, but some mail servers these days
won't handle mail from a system that fails a reverse lookup. The problem
isn't with us, it is two hops above us that they have their
delegation down to us broken. I'm trying to get them to fix this as soon as

2) We are in the process of reloading our entire set of servers from scratch
that comprise our internet service. This means upgrading EVERYTHING
including all layered software products. This will take some time as it will
mean fresh installs of 30 some odd FreeBSD machines. Most all the servers
have failover systems, but this list runs on a single machine. While we will
do our very best to prevent any interruptions to classiccmp list traffic, it
is probable that during the upgrade classiccmp service may be intermittent.
We expect to do the machine handling this list around the middle or end of
this coming week. This will certainly get us up to the latest version of
majordomo, which I believe has some speed enhancements for delivery of large
lists of outbound messages. We will also be updating the software that
pulls all the classiccmp posts into the archive at and I
think the new version has a search function built in.

Thanks for your patience & understanding as we improve our infrastructure.


Jay West
Received on Sat Oct 20 2001 - 21:22:48 BST

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