OT: Tulip 21041 ethernet driver needed

From: John Boffemmyer IV <john_boffemmyer_iv_at_boff-net.dhs.org>
Date: Sat Oct 20 14:08:23 2001

Hey Jeff, if the card is PCI, try Kingston.com they make a card, the
EtherRx KNE40BT that has the Tulip chip and the drivers work fine. Also,
the SMC.com SMC PCI EtherPower card is based on the Tulip chip and those
drivers should work. If you need direct links to the drivers for Novell
support, email me at john_boffemmyer_iv_at_boff-net.dhs.org and I'll send ya
the direct links.

BTW: like a sneaky bastard, I found these drivers searching around when I
was looking for my KNE30BT drivers at DEC's WEB SITE!


This INCLUDED specific Novell Client AND Server drivers for Tulips and
various versions, including Novell 3.12!!!

- John Boffemmyer IV

At 12:06 PM 10/20/01, you wrote:
> Since we have so many knowledgable DEC people here, I figured I'd
> post this here. I'm in need of driver for Novell Netware 3.12 server for
> a generic DEC 21041-based ethernet board. The actual board manufacturer
> doesn't matter as long as it's for the 21041 chipset or will work with a
> board based on that chipset.
> Hey Netware 3.12 is almost on topic!
> Jeff
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