NCR X-Station?

From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Sat Oct 20 18:11:30 2001

At swap today I picked up a neat little package made by AT&T/NCR in the
early '90s. The package is 9.75W x 9D x 1.25H and looks rather like a
book. The front carries only a push switch and an LED, while the rear
has DB25F Parallel, RJ? and DB25F EIA, RJ? AUX, HDE15 VIDEO, and RJ? and
OS/2 KEYBOARD connectors plus a concentric power input connector.

There is an Intel 80C32 microcontroller, various static RAM chips, and a
specialized NCR/ADDS SMD chip that pointed to X-Station information via

Anyone ever run across one of these critters and have any information on

Also picked up a dual port SGX full length network card using DA15M
connectors. I was intrigued by it carrying an NEC V50 PLCC chip. First
I had seen.
                                                 - don
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