Are office people really that, umm shall we say...slow?

From: Charles E. Fox <>
Date: Sun Oct 21 05:55:10 2001

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>Another thing I agree with you on. I've had several run-ins with safety
>officers (one of whom claimed that 5V on exposed wires in a research lab
>was dangerous...) We soon learnt how to keep out of their way, and what
>to hide [1] when they came round.
>[1] Suicide leads, for example. I hate to mention this on a public list,
>but they're a cable with a mains plug at one end and croc clips on the
>other. Used for powering up transformers for testing, etc. Totally
>lethal, and I don't recomend that anyone here makes a set, OK....

         Very handy, Tony. Probably not as lethal on our 110 as on your
220, but careless operation can result in a short course in arc welding.


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