List Maintenance

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sun Oct 21 14:10:35 2001

>Some time ago, there was a discussion about address munging. I've noticed
>recently (ie the last few months) a large increase in spam arriving here,
>possibly correlated to my postings to the list. It not a really big deal,
>but I wondered if it's possible to anti-spamify my email address in list

This fear of spam always amazes me. I sign up at every idiot contest site I
find on the web (I won $3 of gas from Havoline), and I never get more than
half a dozen spam emails a day out of a hundred or so real emails on
important topics like replaceing the cord vs connector. Just hit delete, or
in the case of "real" spam drop the email into one of the antispam sites
and let the software go after the sender.
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