65816/65802 cpu programming books offer

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Mon Oct 22 16:39:49 2001

>I found these sorting out stuff today.
>Programming the 65816 (W.Libiak, Sybex)
>65816/65802 Ass. Lang. Programming (M.Fischer, McGraw/Hill)
>Both very clean.
>Trades and offers welcome or dumpster for these...

My wife is flying up to Montreal on Sunday I think, maybe I can talk her
into bringing something up for a trade? (I am guessing if she is going to
be very busy, perhaps the hotel registration desk will exchange packages?)

What sort of things are you looking for (BTW I tried to convince to take a
Q950 power supply a couple times, but she says it is too big and heavy, and
won't take it). I have all sorts of old mac/apple/pc/network things.

Cheers, Mike Ford
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