DEC Lab 11/40

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Mon Oct 22 19:57:19 2001

On Oct 22, 19:48, Tony Duell wrote:

> On the output duct from the prefilter (the trapezium-shaped thing on the
> left of the spindle) there's another foam ring. This one is critical --
> it's in the clean air path from the filter to the cartridge. I am told
> that draught excluder tape works here.

I wondered about that. OK, it has to go, too.

> Also, on top of the RK05 PSU there's a NiCd battery pack. It's there to
> retract (and lift) the heads if the mains fails. It's nearly always dead
> in old drives. Replace it. Fortunately it's the same as a common cordless
> phone battery pack, so it's not hard to get a new one.

I knew about that one; I didn't mention it before because I just took it as
read that I'd need to replace it :-)

Thanks again for the advice. Now all I need is time to get at it -- maybe
this coming weekend.

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