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From: ajp166 <>
Date: Mon Oct 22 20:44:19 2001

Thats how my old address was destroyed. Likely this one too in time.
Does little good to have a valid address if the address has to be dumped
due to
being a spam trap.


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From: Pete Turnbull <>
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Date: Monday, October 22, 2001 9:12 PM
Subject: Re: List Maintenance

>On Oct 22, 12:39, Sellam Ismail wrote:
>> But for people using the archives for research it would be nice to be
>> to e-mail the original poster (unless the address obscuring we're
>> about will not completely remove the e-mail address from the message).
>I agree; it's been useful to me on a number of occasions, both when I've
>searched for something and when someone else has found me through the
> I wouldn't want my address removed, just altered enough so automatic
>spambots won't get my address too often.
>OTOH, it's possible that my additional spam collection has come from
>trawling rather than list archives, I suppose.
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