Sterling Cypher IV 8073 board info

From: Richard A. Cini, Jr. <>
Date: Mon Oct 22 21:00:51 2001

Hello, all:

        I mentioned a while ago that I got these boards, and I actually received
them last week. To do a refresh, this board is an INS8073-based SBC with
lots of I/O in a compact 4x5 size. Someone mentioned that they may have
access to the manual but I can't find that message.

        I need some info on these more than I thought. The kit comes with the board
and parts and nothing more. The silk screen on the board only has parts
designations (i.e., R1, C1, U1) but not the values. Some I can guess at but
not enough to make it work.

        The only info that I have is on the 8073 specifically and not the board
itself. A search doesn't turn up much.

        Any help appreciated.


Rich Cini
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