65816/65802 cpu programming books offer

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Mon Oct 22 22:13:32 2001

>> I have all sorts of old mac/apple/pc/network things.
>This is quite an understatement :-)

You sir, are just jealous.

Actually the four or five hundred cards I have for various mac, apple, and
PCs is fairly sane. I have a equally large selection of stuff I NEVER will
even think of using, but at some time or another it seemed reasonable to
stick in the back of my car. A 24"x24"x24" box of commercial air filters in
a size I can't use top the list, but I also have 3 new in the box 3Com ISDN
modems for a mac, and a box full of Rumba licenses and software (hey you
AS400 types these may be old, but Wallstreet told me that since they are
new and unopened they should still qualify for tech support etc.).
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