VAX 11/730 Problem

From: Clint Wolff <>
Date: Mon Oct 22 23:12:48 2001

Hi Michael,

I have a TU58 drive and could read the tape for you, but I am in
the USA so shipping could be an issue. You might try cleaning the
head with a cotton swab (Q-Tip) and rubbing alcohol (isopropyl
alcohol). I had a tape in the drive when a rubber roller went that
wouldn't read. I cleaned the head, read the tape, cleaned the head,
read the tape, cleaned the head, read the tape, until it read
without errors! Then I cleaned the head and threw the tape away...

Good luck!

PS If you do get a dump, I'd appreciate a copy. I'm archiving all the
TU58s I can find to CD-Rs...

On Sun, 21 Oct 2001, Michael Schneider wrote:

> Hello to all VAXenfolks,
> i do have a problem with a VAX-11/730 that i have reconstructed
> (cleaned,
> resoldered, replaced cable, everything. Pictures on
> Yes,
> i am a bit proud of it... But sorry for the bad web-page design!) over
> the
> last few months.
> It is now willing to boot and tries to load it's microcode tape from the
> TU-58 drives. I even have a microcode tape which looks like it could be
> still readable.
> But the TU-58's are so battered that i have not been able to read the
> tape.
> I have repaced the rubber rollers, but the read/write-heads look, ummm,
> bad!
> I have found somewhere some TU-58 simulator software for DOS which looks
> like a promising alternative; i would place a mini-DOS-computer inside a
> VT-102 and route some additional cables to the VAX and bee fine.
> BUT: How do i get the contents of the microcode tape of the tape, into a
> DOS file without access to a working TU-58?
> Is someone on this list able to read the tape?
> Has someone already made a tape image i could just use? I mean, i have
> a original DEC tape, with serial number and all. I might even come up
> with a license document, if i search long enough...
> Any help would be greatly welcomed. This old lady is just to beautifull
> to use it as an electric heater only...
> Thank you
> ms
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