ISA cards for free...

From: Rich Beaudry <>
Date: Tue Oct 23 08:21:46 2001

Hello all,

Cleanout time again... I have the following ISA cards available for cost of
postage only. These cards were part of a lot I picked up just for the two
Compaticard II cards that were in the pile :-).

Let me know what you want. In fairness to international and digest readers,
if I get more offers than I have of a certain card, then I will throw names
into a hat and pick.

These should be fairly cheap to ship, as they all are light...

Also, they are UNTESTED, and given to you AS-IS...

Here we go:

Boards from Zenith Z-150
- CPU Board 85-2889-1 -- 8088, keyboard port, ROMs, etc
- Disk Controller Board 85-2890-1 -- 2 WD 8250, i8272, external ports
- Memory Board 85-2891-1 -- 5 banks of 9 4164 chips
- Video Board 85-2945-1 -- 6845, 2732 ROM, D9 and RCA outputs
- 8-slot backplane board 85-2964-1 -- 8 8-bit ISA slots, power connector

Qty. 3 8-bit ISA VGA cards -- Paradise chipset, 8 MB81464-12 memory chips

Qty. 1 8-bit ISA VGA card, renaissance chipset, 8 D41464C-10 memory chips

Qty. 3 8-bit Seagate ISA cards, SCSI??, EPROM marked Seagate ST01/02 BIOS,
TI CF61891FN, 50-pin header

Qty. 1 8-bit ISA card, marked "UPS Monitoring Board, Copyright 89 APCC"
Switch settings silkscreened on board

Qty. 2 8-bit ISA cards, marked "ASYNC CARD 1501485APS" -- INS 8250, 25-pin
male connector

Qty. 1 8-bit Everex ISA card, I believe SCSI controller -- PWA-00081-0002
EV-833, 50-pin header, 62-pin high-density connector out the back, 8085AP-2,
8257C, 6116, 27C64, TI CF60128N, Everex custom chip

Qty. 1 16-bit ISA SCSI card, Adaptec AHA-1542B, w/ 50-pin ribbon cable

Qty. 1 16-bit full-length ISA SCSI card, board marked AHA-1542A, custom chip
marked AHA-1540A -- No floppy connector, 50-pin SCSI connector, no connector
out the back. -- 50-pin header has some bent pins.

Qty. 4 8-bit 3/4 length ISA floppy controller -- 37-pin D connector out the
back, 34-pin edge connector along the front edge of the card. No obvious
manufacturer's markings. Three have the i8272 chip, one has an NEC 765.

Qty. 6 8-bit 1/2 length ISA floppy controller card. One uses the NEC 765,
Two use the Zilog Z0765A08PSC, and three use the i8272. All have no
connector out the back, and a 34-pin edge connector along the front edge of
the card. One is marked "Kouwell KF-503C"

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