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From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Tue Oct 23 09:03:34 2001

>Perhaps posting to Usenet generates higher levels of spam.

        It's always been my understanding that Usenet is one of the
favorite trolling places for those fishing for email addresses. The
received amount of SPAM for me generally goes up once I've posted
something to Usenet, but it's never been outrageous levels. I post
to Usenet infrequently and in spurts though. I know of some people
that post there regularly that even rotate the email addresses they
use for Usenet postings, disabling an address after a given amount of
time. Of course, all of this is of little good if your main address
appears on one of the many CD compilations of email addresses that
are sold to spammers. They appear on eBay all the time.

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