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From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Tue Oct 23 10:35:04 2001

Mike Ford skrev:

>>Don't be ridiculous! I hardly ever use Usenet from this domain now that my
>>ISP's news server seems to be unmanaged and uncared for. I usually post

>Just for laughs I made a search just now of my email address
>, and I got 233 hits via the Google usenet group
>search. I really honestly only get maybe 5 bits of spam a day, and 80% of
>those I know I foolishly signed up for at some time recently. Have you
>spamphobs ever considered that maybe you get a lot of spam because you mung
>your email address, or that you don't have a profile in any spam databanks?

I did a Google Groups search as well, and got over 10 000 hits on my address.
Perhaps is one subjected to spam because one is an active netizen?
I've only munged my address on web boards one those rare occasion when I use
those. I got my address before spam was any problem on the net, and I think
munging is dishonest. I shouldn't have to hide from those spamming bastards.
IMO NATO shouldn't go after Bin Laden, and Bin Laden shouldn't be riding
airplanes or sending anthrax. They should all form a coalition towards
fighting spam!

En ligne avec Thor 2.6a.
I can't understand ANY current MICROS~1 product names!
Are they now created with a random word generator?
What is the intent behind the name "Visual Studio" for their compiler suite?
What is "Interdev"?
Why is the Virus Transfer Protocol product named "Outlook"?
   Grumpy Ol' Fred
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