value of classic DEC machines?

From: Heinz Wolter <>
Date: Wed Oct 24 00:25:46 2001

We'll if there's a complete working PDP-10 (KL10), with
disks, it might have a collector value of 20-30K$US,
but you'd have to search carefully to find a rich buyer...

Now a PDP-1 would certainly be worth 100KUS$,
as might a KA10 or KI10. If all that was needed to
cover back-rent was 3-4KUS$, then a couple of PDP-8s
or early PDP-11s should do the trick.

There are collectors out there like Mr. Allen paying
big dollars for not so rare machines...I've even heard
of unscrupulous "museum" collectors selling off machines
that were donated to so called ~not-for-profit~ organizations.
I don't think paying the rent is a bad idea, but selling off
donated valuable items for huge personal profit is wrong,
unless of course, you paid for or removed the machines,
made no misrepresentations, and it's a legitimate business.

Still no matter what the source, it would bet better for these
machines to find good homes (even in eccentric millionaire's
collections) than to end up in the scrap heap or raped for their
gold plating.

I wonder what item Al K. is looking for that could be worth
any good part of 100KUS$, or 3KUS$ ;)

Heinz Wolter

Glen Goodwin wrote :
> > I talked to Ken this afternoon.
> > He needs 3-4K to cover the back rent on the storage
> > and is looking for someone to take all this stuff and
> > sell it on eBay for him. He thinks it's worth $100000
> Well, hey, if a CoCo is worth $2500 . . .
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