Caddy for one DEC-RDD40 external cdrom unit

From: SP <>
Date: Wed Oct 24 10:06:46 2001

>> Do anyone has one Caddy for one DEC-RDD40 external
>> cdrom unit ?
>I have spares for the '42. if they're the same as the '40 you
>can have one. I think they're Very common. I don't think
>I've seen a caddied CDROM drive that Doesn't use this
>type of caddy.

This caddy don't appears to be the usual caddy that
most common CDROM's used. I have one of these
and don't go well. The entry ranure of the CD device
is more THIN than the others, and this don't work.

It can be too a problem of my caddies: I have two NEC
caddies to probe, and any of it works.


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