Caddy for one DEC-RDD40 external cdrom unit

From: SP <>
Date: Wed Oct 24 10:08:59 2001

I'm in Spain, Antonio, in the North (Santander).

Thanks. Your option appears to be the better and less
expensive, if you permit to me the comment :-)



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>John Allain []
>> I have spares for the '42. if they're the same as the '40 you
>> can have one. I think they're Very common. I don't think
>> I've seen a caddied CDROM drive that Doesn't use this
>> type of caddy.
>The RRD42 is (IIRC) a Sony unit (possibly
>with modified firmware). It takes
>a "standard" caddy.
>The RRD40 is a much older Philips(?)
>CD-ROM (1x) and it takes a caompletely
>different form of CD holder (often
>referred to as "antlers").
>FWIW: the RRD43 is a tray-loader and
>the RRD44 is back to a caddy. The
>first DEC CDROM drive was the RRD50, which
>was essentially a tabletop, caddyless
>(flip open the top and load CD)
>RRD40 (except, I believe, *slower*!!).
>I have at least one RRD40 CD holder,
>which I can supply if noone nearer
>can dig one up (I'm in the UK).
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