value of classic DEC machines?

From: SP <>
Date: Wed Oct 24 10:48:53 2001

>> BTW, on thread. A good clean runnung PDP-11 with SW
>> and docs can fetch over $4K, to the original question.

I ever wanted to get one VAX/11 730 like one that we had in
my old Computing Courses school and, related with it, a couple
of PDP systems, compounding all of them a little network.
My hope was that these machines some day could be only
trash stuff and this could be the way to get one.

In the actual day I only have one PDP-11/23 PLUS that works
but only has 256 Kb. of memory, and a diverse stuff that can be
connected to it but needs some more additional stuff like a rack
support, some boards and cables. Almost everything I need
mustbe purchased. A few months ago this appears to be cheap
and quick, but not now. And some items destinated to enhance
the machine appears very far and expensive, like one expansion
memory of 4 megabytes, or one good SCSI board.

Of course, I try to don't think anymore in obtain one VAX/11
in any way, or one PDP/11 70 or 44. Even one that I could
obtain in UK was cancelled because any transport agency
wanted to transport it to my country. And my city even have
one regular ferry line with the UK every week !! (this was
bad luck, I recognize).

In this context, one cause or another can do that one machine
like one PDP-11/70 grows in its value until incredible limits.

In fact, I check the eBay bidders many times and I see a lot
of auctions are bidded and even winned by people with very
few (or 0) feedback. Computer collectors matures ?
I don't think so.


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