first step getting VAX 6000-400 booted ...

From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Wed Oct 24 16:16:00 2001

>Among all the fanning and blowing and spinning, the disk
>seek can be pretty faint. No, I did not hear the disk
>seeking and it all went suspiciously quick. I may

        My recollection of RA9x drives is that when
        you transition them to RUN (either by hitting
        the button or as a result of host action) they
        is a clear "thunk".

>not have proper connection between KDB50 and disk. The
>disk shows both ports A and B enabled, and I'm connected
>only to A. Is there any ordering of the 4 ports on the
>KDB50 bulkhead that I need to know to get it right?

        The order of the 4 KDB50 connections is
        essentially meaningless. It certainly does not
        determine device naming or whatever.

        The A/B port stuff also matters very little.
        If your KDB50 is connected to port A, then
        port A needs to be enabled and B is
        irrelevant. Or vice versa.

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