Adventure in Ersatz-11

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Date: Wed Oct 24 17:54:24 2001

If I'd seem the message I'd have told you most of the PDP-11 games that
memory run under the RT-11 SJ monitor. Advent is definately one.

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Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2001 11:32 AM
Subject: RE: Adventure in Ersatz-11

>Stupid that I did not think of trying SJ.
>With SJ entering .R ADVENT starts Adventure also!
>I assumed that VBG was for Virtual BackGround, so
>nice to be comfirmed on that.
>Indeed, I have E11 running on an 486DX2/66, but I
>cannot give an idea of how fast it runs, compared
>to a PDP-11. Although E11 can be set to an 11/70,
>I have set it to /35-40 because that is also the
>*real* hardware I have. Never set it to /34(A) or
>to /44. Both those systems I also have running.
>Next time that I start the 11/35 I will run ADVENT
>on both of them and measure the time until the
>welcome message appears on the screen.
>For the "blinkenlights" check out my webpage.
>then click in the left pane on the link Homebrew 'PDP-11'.
>At this moment only the LEDs of the data bus blink.
>I hope to add a piece of hardware that 'talks' to Ersatz-11
>so that the address bus LEDs are also active *and* that the
>switches function as on the real thing. The goal is that
>the hardware design can facilitate *any* real PDP-11 console
>that has switches and lights, from an 11/10 to an 11/70.
>Of course, this project needs the cooperation of John Wilson,
>and I had already some preliminary contacts with him.
>He also likes the option to connect a real console to the
>demo(!) version of Ersatz-11.
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>> >Gooijen H wrote:
>> > Yes !!
>> Jerome Fine replies:
>> Thank you for the feed back. I was not sure how much memory
>> ADVENT requires. You might also try:
>> if you wish.
>> > Thanks very much, Jerome.
>> > Booting RT-11FB and then running ADVENT still produces
>> > the "Insufficient memory" fatal error.
>> > However, VBGEXE works fine !
>> > After the "Welcome to Adventure!! Would you like instructions?"
>> > and entering 'YES", it goes: Somewhere nearby is Colossal Cave,
>> > etc.
>> > This means that I am now going to play Adventure. This has a
>> > serious drawback on the expansion of my website ...
>> > I am playing it on my "homebrew-PDP" with the BLINKENLIGHTS on!!
>> > On my website this project (early phase) has a separate link.
>> > BTW. What is VBGEXE, what do the letters stand for?
>> > Thanks again,
>> > Henk.
>> "EXEcute Virtual BackGround program" is how I think of the letters
>> with the understanding that the word EXEcute is then switched
>> to the end.
>> A few points worth noting.
>> (a) If FOO.SAV requires any arguments as in:
>> "RUN DEV:FOO.SAV arguments" or replace RUN with VBGEXE,
>> then they must be on the same line. The alternative is the
>> put all three
>> parts of the command on separate lines. Otherwise, with just
>> "VBGEXE DEV:FOO.SAV" on the first line, somehow the request
>> for information expects the arguments to already be there and if not,
>> just exits. Entering:
>> arguments
>> on three separate lines works as well.
>> (b) The command:
>> also works very well when you want to run a system job at a
>> higher priority.
>> TERMINAL is only useful with a system that has multi-terminal support
>> LEVEL specifies the system job number ( 1=>6 )
>> NAME can be used to automatically select an executable file
>> called SY:utility.SAV
>> One minor problem is that if name is omitted, then only ONE
>> instance of
>> VBGEXE can be invoked as a system job since the high memory
>> GRCBs (Global
>> Region Control Blocks) must all have different names. I have
>> a small patch
>> with allows the user to do the command:
>> If that is done, each GRCB is given the name VBGEXm making them all
>> different. This means that no program can have the name VBGEX(1=>6),
>> a restriction that I assume can be lived with.
>> I also remember that modifying TECO to be named VMUNG so that
>> "VBGEXE VMUNG arguments"
>> would work the same as
>> "MUNG arguments"
>> but use the full 64 KBytes allowed by VBGEXE.
>> By the way, I assume that you are using E11 on a PC. Which hardware
>> and how fast do you find that the code runs compared to any
>> real PDP-11
>> hardware. Plus, I can't remember about the "BLINKENLIGHTS" - what
>> did you do to have those available?
>> Sincerely yours,
>> Jerome Fine
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