What people "should" know

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Wed Oct 24 19:50:47 2001

That's why it's been common practice to fire anyone who uses one-shots
(monostables) for anything. I personally believe it should go beyond that, in
that the perpetartor of such a heinous crim should be barred from asserting his
credentials as a circuit designer for a short period, of, say, 10 decades.

There is, I'm sure, a place for one-shots, but they've been abused so often it's
hard to remember what that might have been.


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> > comments. But people who have been taught C++ would recognise that this
> > is not the "done thing". To quote Gordon The Big Engine (sorry, too many
> Oh right... I guess it's similar to the feeling I get when I see a board
> of monostables to produce various pulses rather than 'doing it properly'
> and using a state machine. It'll work [1], but it's not the 'right way to
> do it'
> [1] Well, OK, unlike bad style in software (which should either work all
> the time or never), bad hardware style can work most of the time.
> Monostables are notorious for drifting with time, temperature, etc, and
> then your carefully-timed pulses go all over the place.
> -tony
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