first step getting VAX 6000-400 booted ...

From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Wed Oct 24 21:09:33 2001

> > > XBI E
> > > 1+ DWMBA/B (2107) 000A
> > > 3+ DMB32 (0109) 0004
> > > 5+ CIBCA-B (0108) 41C2
> > > 6+ TBK70 (410B) 0307
> DMB32 8 x Serial for terms. Plus a couple of strange parallel ports on a
> single 50(?) pin d connector that I have never
> found anything compatible with. Someone suggested it was a "Data Products"
> Parallel port x 2, whatever that is.
> Antonio or Allison, either of you know what you can use with it?

I'm not Antonio or Allison, but I can answer this question. The "Data Products"
parallel port works with printers with a "Data Products" parallel interface. I've
used a couple of different printers with this interface. It's been a while so I
can't remember the official name of the interface. The printers I used were made
by Data Products and OEMed to other manufacturers (including DEC).

> CIBCA-B for speaking to HSC's or other CI equipped Vaxen. If you don't have
> a HSC, pull the cards, as some of your error msgs that are confusing the
> issue are coming from there. LEave the cab kit in in case you want to put
> them back later if you get something that speaks CI. (Caveat: If you do you
> MUST have a Star Coupler as well)

The CI will work with HSJ controllers as well. I agree that if you don't have
a StarCoupler then you'll want to remove the cards. Also, if you do ever get
CI storage, be careful with the CI cables. They can't be bent beyond a certain
radius or they'll break.

Also, if you do get any CI storage (or another node with CI), you may be tempted
to directly connect without a StarCoupler. Some people have gotten this to work,
but it is not recommended and can cause damage.
Eric Dittman
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