MacOS DHCP Server?

From: David Woyciesjes <>
Date: Thu Oct 25 10:22:09 2001

!> > Chris wrote:
!> > > >It's easier to find an ethernet card for a
!> > > >Mac II than a localtalk card for a PC
!> > >
!> Peter C. Wallace wrote:
!> > > hehehe... I have two of them! (localtalk cards for PCs
!> > > that is) :-)
!I have something better than either or both. A Webster Multiport/LT.
!It's an ethernet/Appletalk gateway.
!Additionally, it does DHCP for Macs on Appletalk or ethernet.
!Speaks IPX, (My Appletalk Macs have access to my Netware box, and the
!Netware box
!queue serves my Laserwriter IIF to the Macs and PC's)
! IP of course and even appears as a DECNET Node!!! etc etc etc.
!Came out of a $2 bag of cables someone nabbed at auction,
!didn't know what the heck it was, and gave it to me. I didn't
!know either, but I soon did. Ever surf the net on a Mac Classic
!2 in glorious B&W with Netscape 1.1?
!According to their website, US$1900+ (and all the management
!software is free to download :^)
!I'm happy......
!Geoff Roberts

        That's basically all I'm looking to do... I knew I could've used
NetBSD, but I figured I'd keep the routing Mac in pretty much the shape it
was (could've been?) sold in. That is, MacOS 7.6.1 or some such. Historical
purposes, I guess you could call it.
        Also hoping to keep this as cheap as possible. My budget for this
isn't all that big.. :-/

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