first step getting VAX 6000-400 booted ...

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Thu Oct 25 11:51:55 2001

Thanks everyone!

your posts were all very informative. I took home the following

- my RA90 drive is not responding to the host, this is probably
  because the drive number isn't set properly. I get "0000" in the
  display but I should set it to "1" because "0000" means "unspecified".
  Is that right?

  The cabling swap issue is probably not the cause, unless there
  are two kinds of cables. Geoff has backplane->bulkhead->drive
  woking fine. Seems like backplane->bulkhead->SA800-bulkhead->drive
  will also work. May be the bulkheads are doing the swapping,not
  the cables?

  So there is hope.

- I got my TU81+ powered up and load tapes etc. The tape excerciser
  comes back with E06 though, I guess that means I need to do a bit
  more scrubbing and cleaning? Anyway, I get to put a tape online.
  Still, no MU other than MUC6 (TK) is detected by the VMS backup.
  It also comes back with an I/O error if I try to boot from TU
  directly. Do I have to set a unit number on the TU81 as well?

- My CIBCA problems are all explained simply because it's not
  terminated to the star coupler. I have a star coupler and
  HSC and everything for a serious cluster, just not all in the
  basement yet. Will do that in time. For now CIBCA card set
  is out. (BTW: do I have to screw those caps over all unused
  connections on the star coupler?)

- For ULTRIX and perhaps even VMS 6.1 I may need to remove two
  of my processors.

- The DMB32 parallel printer is not a Centronics interface. But
  I may actually have a printer to go with it. A BIG thing, not
  heavy but taking up precious space if I put it into my

- MOP booting Ultrix may not be as easy as I think. Perhaps
  the VMS path is the best for now. Once I have control over
  all devices, I can try copying the TK boot tape to TU if
  that has a chance of better success.


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