Altos 586

From: jkaye <>
Date: Thu Oct 25 15:47:42 2001

Richard Erlacher wrote:
> Are you sure it uses XENIX? I gave one of these to Will Jennings, along with
> the companion tape drive, a couple of years back. Perhaps he can help you.
> Dick

and Fritz Chwolka wrote:
> I think ist was CP/M2.2 or MPM which was used on the altos.
> Greetings from
> Fritz Chwolka - Duisburg

I am pretty sure that it used Xenix, but I shall fire it up again this
weekend just to make sure. I can see why there is some confusion
(myself included) because it shows here:

Which describes mine to a "T", 40mb drive and all (but the local
console, I only have a term), and uses Xenix.


Which is similar, but uses the Z80 (hence the 580, rather than the 586
with uses the 8086), has a TV out, and no ethernet option. It uses CP/M
2.2, M/MP-80, or OASIS.

I'll know more this weekend.

Joseph Kaye
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