Altos 586

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Thu Oct 25 20:45:13 2001

>Jeff Hellige wrote:
>> I have two tapes that came from an Altos 586T that are
>> supposed to contain a backup of the Xenix for the machine. I believe
>> I still have one of the tape drives for the machine as well, though I
> > did get rid of my 586T a while back.
>What was the interface for the tape drive? Did it use a card?

        The drive was plugged up to the hard disk/floppy controller
if I remember correctly...the 2nd large board, in the upper section
of the 586T's clamshell case. I'm not sure of the interface though.
I do know that it's not SCSI. It's a Wangtek 5099EN24 and holds
60MB. I've never tried the tapes or the drive. The 586T I had ended
up being a total loss. VERY extensive corrosion throughout.

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