CP/M Heaven (was HH8899 eecchhoo)

From: Glen Goodwin <acme_ent_at_bellsouth.net>
Date: Thu Oct 25 23:09:43 2001

Tony and Sellam, thanks to both of you for the suggestions. I'm going to
give Sellam's idea a try first since it's easier to poke a few keys than to
open the box ;>) I'll let you know what I find out.

The H89 was just one of several computers I've been given recently. Among
them were several TS1000s, a ZX80, a TS1500, an Apple ][e with monitor,
dual drives, and printer, and more.

The CP/M boxes alone include the H89, two Z100s (one with hard drive!), and
a Xerox 820 with hard drive and dual 8" drives. As I bring these boxes
into action I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions for the CP/M folks out
there, and some for the Z80 and S-100 hardware people too ;>)

For starters: The Z100 with the hard drive looks good, but I can't format
the ZDOS partition. PREP initializes the drive, tests the media (this
takes 1.5 hours on a 20 MB drive), and creates the partitions. I can then
monkey around with the size of the partitions and their names, etc.
However, FORMAT E: /S produces "Invalid media type reading drive E: Abort,
retry or fail?" I've swapped three different hard drives into the system,
and replaced the hd controller (I don't think I have a spare data separator

I can successfully initialize and copy files to the CP/M-85 partition
(can't make it bootable yet as I don't have complete CP/M-85 system disks
for it).

And, what are the four adjacent jumpers on the hd controller (not the
Format Enable)? Is there any documentation available for this board? I
have docs for all the Z100 hardware except the hd controller . . .

Any ideas are welcome!

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