[OT] New toy...

From: Gooijen H <GOOI_at_oce.nl>
Date: Fri Oct 26 01:03:08 2001

Congrats, Daniel.
I am a HAM amateur since 1974, my call is PE1CKF.
Just like you I never passed the morse code tests.
It is difficult to find the time *each* evening
for, let's say 20-30 minutes, listening to morse.
But with the latest developments like morse code
exam at 5 words per minute or even less (!) perhaps
I will one day be able to talk to you on 40 or 20
meters without the morse code study.

During the study at the Technical Highschool, in the 3rd
year, you work for some companies as part of the education.
One semester I had to stay as a guest with some people.
In the evening I was alone in my room so I took my rig,
an ICOM-211 144-146 MHz all mode, with an HB9CV antenna
with me the next week. Could enjoy the local HAMs, but
after some 10 minutes participation, the woman came up
the stairs. I had to stop immediately whatever I was
doing because her electrical organ made very strange
sounds as if an old drunk sailor had hidden inside the
organ and was mumbling something ....

I am pretty sure that many people on this list are HAM.

- Henk.

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> I got a new toy today... The FCC granted me the callsign KC9ALV.
> Now not only can I annoy my mom by leaving large computer parts around
> the house, I can annoy her by coming over the phone lines and
> TV and such. ^_^
> (I'm just kidding... All I have that I can use is an HT, I
> didn't pass the Morse
> so the HF rig is a paperweight until December, which is the
> next time the test
> runs around here. But once I get HF access, I may have to
> worry! ^_^ And I do
> know enough about RFI to know how to stop it, I'm just making
> a joke about it.)
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