From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Fri Oct 26 10:07:41 2001

I've got a box full of various models of AHA2940 and 3940 that don't work in all
systems, and most of them don't work in any system at all. Most of them exhibit
one of two symptoms. (1) they don't work in systems with a bus clock >25 MHz,
or (2) they don't find any SCSI devices, irrespective of the fact that other
2940's, among others, find them just fine. The longest I've ever had a 2940AU
(the only type that seems to work in all applications) last is 6 months.
Fortunately, the old 152x types and 151x types seem to keep on going ...

None of these problems appear when the 29XX and 39XX boards are used under
Netware, but once they've been used under Windows, their days are numbered.

None of these problems appear with the VLB boards.


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> I've got a pair of 2940u2w's that work well for me. The only time I
> have ever had a problem, an updated driver fixed it for me. Amazingly
> enough it was the Adaptec software that cam with my cd-rw drive that
> would crash the computer until I updated the SCSI adapter driver.
> Chad Fernandez
> Michigan, USA
> Richard Erlacher wrote:
> >
> > The AHA2842 is a narrow-SCSI card, though it's possibly the best ADAPTEC
> > produced. I've been using them for years without a hitch, while their newer
> > cards, (2940, 3940, 3985, etc) seem to bring with them both a short life and
> > lots of compatibility issues.
> >
> > Unfortunately, the VLB is alread a "classic" feature, having been "dead" now
> > over a decade.
> >
> > Dick
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