Osborne 1 Keyboard (was RE: Reading non-PC format floppies (+ OT questions :-))

From: Feldman, Robert <Robert_Feldman_at_jdedwards.com>
Date: Fri Oct 26 11:36:17 2001

 I have an Osborne 1 Technical manual which has info on the keyboard and
some schematics, as well as a printout of the BIOS source. I'm out of town
now, so I'll try to get it (at least keyboard info, as the BIOS source is
many pages) to you on Monday.

Bob Feldman

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(1) Osborne 1.

 - Keyboard is shorted internally. Screen reads "insert disk
   and press Enter" or whatever, then refreshes / redraws
   all the time. This stops when I unplug the keyboard. I
   think I know which two pins connect to the Enter key,
   when I short those two pins same thing happens. I'm
   suspecting the 8877 FDC chip.

   Does anyone have:
   -- Memory (I/O) map
   -- Schematic (ja sure :-)
   -- BIOS disassembly
   -- tips on fixing the keyboard?
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