first step getting VAX 6000-400 booted ...

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Fri Oct 26 14:20:57 2001


it still doesn't work. I booted again VMS from TK (takes hours)
trying various combinations of hardware and no success. I have
given the RA90 a device address of 1. I have tried it on both
the KDB50 and the KDM70 without success. Now I am wondering
whether the SDI cable crossover issue is the problem? But
why can Geoff run his RA90 in the basement of his 6000?
The specifications clearly say that you can do this:


and Geoff does this


So, the swapping issue seems more complicated than just
an uneven number of SDI cables! But I did exactly what
Geoff did! Or did he do it differently? How? May be there
are two sorts of SDI cables with or without cross-over?

Whether or not I have the disk drive connected, the KDB90
shows the red LEDs as

  B - blink
  o - off
  X - on
  o - off

which according to the manual is what it should be. The KDB50
shows this pattern as soon as it's being initialized by VMS.
However, VMS never detects any actual drive. So how could I
possibly test this link between KDB50 and drive. It could be
any of this:

- KDB50 SDI interface damaged but in a way that is not
  detected by the self-test
- KDB50 backplane cabling not screwed on tightly enough
- SDI cabling broken
- SDI cabling mismatched (crossover issue)
- RA90 SDI interface damaged but in a way that is not
  detected by the self-test

Is there any resident test that will check the drive/host
interaction without requiring me to wait for another VMS
boot cycle. Each attempt at rewiring and rebooting costs me
about one hour for the VMS to boot from TK again so I need
to keep this minimal.

Is there any remote chance someone has a diagnostic tape
where these things could be tested more thorroughly? I'd
very keenly interested in such diagnosis tapes for KDB50/
RA90, and KLESI/TU81 (because that's not being detected
by VMS either).

Do we know the pinouts and signal patterns of the SDI (and
BTW the KLESI) so that I oculd use my scope to detect if
the wiring is O.K.? I didn't find pinouts and signals in
the KDB50, RA9x user manual (or the KLESI user manual

I should be moving one of my HSC90s and SA800 into the
basement and connect the CI cabling star coupler and
everything. Last time the HSC's run they were fine ('bout
a year ago). However, my back still hurts from moving
the TU81 downstairs and I wanted to give it a rest ...
no such luck though :-/


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