Genrad Futuredata info

From: Craig Landrum <>
Date: Fri Oct 26 19:59:00 2001

For those few of you that may own a Futuredata development
system (Tony?) I managed to track down the last engineer
employed by Genrad/Kontron/Futuredata in the US. His name
is Tom de Lellis and he can be reached at
Tom has a LOT of software and *some* hardware that I placed
first dibs on...

Also, having just joined this list, it would appear to be
dominated by primarily big iron types instead of us IMSAI
and S100 junkies. Assuming there are a few out there and
you wish to correspond, here's what I have:

Two loaded IMSAI 8080's with both 8 inch and 5.25 drives.
An Odell CP/M 8085 multibus-based word processor
Morrow systems portable CP/M machine
Two Futuredata 2300 Z80 development machines
Trash 80 Model 1
Altair (front panel and bus, looking for boz and front cover)
Spare 8 inch Shugart drives
20 or 30 S100 boards of various types (mem, disk, cpu,IO)
Masccomp 5500, 68010 Unix box

I can burn 2708,2716,2732 EPROMs on a one-up basis if given
an intel HEX file and some word of encouragement.

Everything boots and I have extensive doc on everything.

Would like to obtain a working ASR33 teletype with a paper
tape punch. They guy who had the SOL + teletype drop in
his lap made me drool. (and I bet he meant 750KB drives).

FYI, I'm in Virginia about an hour west of DC, dodging the
Anthrax clouds....

Craig Landrum
Mindwrap, Inc.
Received on Fri Oct 26 2001 - 19:59:00 BST

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