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Date: Fri Oct 26 23:50:20 2001

On 25-Oct-2001 Chad Fernandez wrote:
> I would consider VLB to be classic, or at least "legacy". I guess it
> depends on the definition. I don't think any VLB cards have been
> shipped for quite some time. They were mainly a 486 class bus. Did any
> Pentium or 386 class motherboards come with VLB slots?

IIRC, my first Pentium motherboard that had VLB, ISA and PCI. I don't
think I still have it though. At one point, I gave it to my SO (at the
time) who brought it into to a PC shop to have it installed in her
computer (which was a 486). The tech muttered something about "I'd hoped
never to meet a motherboard that had both VLB and PCI".

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