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Date: Sat Oct 27 02:27:42 2001

I saw a '386 motherboard with VLB slots on Tuesday, but didn't bite. It took me
WAY too long to give away all my old '386's, and the only one I kept was one
that uses a '287 coprocessor, just for interest.

more below ...


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> > >I would consider VLB to be classic, or at least "legacy". I guess it
> > >depends on the definition. I don't think any VLB cards have been
> > >shipped for quite some time. They were mainly a 486 class bus. Did any
> > >Pentium or 386 class motherboards come with VLB slots?
> >
> > I think I've got a Pentium VLB mobo laying about in the public spaces
> Based on OPTI chipset and very poor quality, works w/ 1 72pin simm
> but severely penalizes performance. Pair up of memory simms and
> performance improves but not as fast as true pentium chipsets.
> Some of them can be set up either 486 or pentium.
If you're going to use it as a server, e.g. under Netware, you don't need a hot
processor. The disk I/O proceeds via DMA at the rate at which the drives can
go, and the network I/O does too. The CPU is idle much of the time, since it
really only manages the transfers and handles directories. With one or two
people, 4 at the most, even a '386SX-16 would be plenty.
> > While I haven't seen any 386 VLB boards, I've got an AST 386 where the CPU
> > (AMD surface-mount clone) is fit on a daughter card which plugs into a VLB
> > slot, though it's far away from the ISA slots.
> AST uses still-born CUPID slot. Usually grouped of 3 slots. I have
> seen 386dx, 486 CPUID cards but they don't exhange easily on
> different AST CUPID motherboard. I know because I have done that
> before. AST did make pentium CPUID cards also.
> > Another odd PC mobo I've got is a 486 board with ISA, possible VLB as well,
> > and a DX-50 Overdrive processor. Well, that's not so strange, but in the
> > middle of the board, there is a DIN connector, like a VME or Nubus
> > What could that be?
> Sounds like AMI board for 486 or cache card upgrade for that DIN
> connector. I had this one before (386dx 25 version (baby AT w/
> bit of left edge bit wider than rear half. That also has this DIN
> style connector for 486 upgrade). Very nice! I think that model I
> had was type 19 or 39 (386-486). Would like to find one again.
> The bizarre motherboard I can think of using 386sx style CPU based on
> IBM 486SLC2 50 w/ 2 VLB slots and 64K cache room for extra 64K for
> 128K total. It does work but performance stank due to 32 bits vlb
> crimped down to 16 then back up 32 and vice vesa. A vendor made them
> for IBM and IBM used them in their "early clones" machine. Took me
> long time to find the jumper info. Ugh.
> VLB was originally designed for 486 but also works w/ 386dx cpus
> based on OPTI. I had one but dumped it because the designer of it
> wasn't doing good job of it w/ certain cards espcially ATI Ultra in
> 16bit bios mode is dead. In 8 bit mode works but very slow.
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> Cheers,
> Wizard
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