Was OT, now on... Re: [OT] New toy...

From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_30below.com>
Date: Sat Oct 27 11:40:24 2001

Rumor has it that Daniel A. Seagraves may have mentioned these words:
>I got a new toy today... The FCC granted me the callsign KC9ALV.
>Now not only can I annoy my mom by leaving large computer parts around
>the house, I can annoy her by coming over the phone lines and TV and such. ^_^


Congrats -- I'd urge you to get the 5wpm & start studying for the General &
Extra - there's weird talk about what's going to happen, and there are some
proponents out there in HAMland who might move the wpm limitation for Extra
back up a notch... nobody knows for sure.

To go back ontopic, I run a mailing list for Tandy Models 1001/102/200 or
any other Kyocera OEM'd compatible laptop - and there's a person who keeps
a list of HAM radio operators who use (or at least own) those laptops. You
do not need to be subbed to my listserve to be on the ham listing.

The person's hame is Ron Wiesen, and he can be reached on my list at
m100_at_list.30below.com. I don't want to give out his real email address, as
I do not have permission to do so. There are currently 98 HAMs on that list!

Dunno if you own one, but if you do, you might wanna give a shout!

Roger "Merch" Merchberger
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