Vintage NASA software available

From: Mark <>
Date: Sat Oct 27 12:46:55 2001


On Fri, 26 Oct 2001 Michael Nadeau wrote:
> Open Channel Software is making old NASA applications available for
> download. There is a fee involved for what's called the NASA Classics
> collection, and the goal is to encourage commercial development of the
> applications. The list is at
> I have no connection with OCS or NASA, but just happened to come across a
> press release about the offer.

I'm not sure how their current license will encourage any develpment,
commercial or otherwise. I looked at the page for one program, for counting
lines of source code:

Clicking the "Get SLOCC" link reveals cost of obtaining the source code to
this written-in-Microsoft-Access-BASIC program is $100.

According to the license, you can use, copy & modify the program only for non-
commercial, private, internal purposes. You can't distribute it to anyone
else. Very open source. How is that different from any other commercial
prodcut for which source code is/was available for a fee? (VMS?)

-- Mark
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