From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Sat Oct 27 11:56:51 2001

I've gone through this process, but it doesn't always produce the results one
wishes. Unfortunately, I've not bought a 2940 from Adaptec in over 5 years,
since they've been in that box quite a long time.

My point was, however, that the several 2842's (the VLB version) I've had have
kept on working for nearly a decade, yet Adaptec's most popular board, the 2940
doesn't seem even to outlive its warranty. Adaptec's history (with me) of
failing to live up to their promises is another issue. I'm still waiting for
them to reimburse me for a defective product I ordered directly from them back
in '93, not to mention the $33 freight charges incurred because they arranged
for but didn't pay for a FedEx pickup. <sigh> I've also got a history of
uncompleted transactions with them, wherein they've started but failed to
complete a transaction of enforcment of their warranty. This seems to be the
right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, as their warranty service
guys (at least then) were located in Boulder, and were only too happy to
recognize, and verify via email, that I had a valid warranty claim, yet the
folks in Iowa, or wherever it is, who actually do the warranty enforcement,
don't seem to communicate with them. As a result, I've been left high and dry.

It's easier to buy second-hand prodcuts for $5-$20 and tolerate the problems
that eventually occur, rather than pay the $150 to buy a new one, knowing that
the problems won't be dealt with. Ater all, if a 2940 costs $150, then that's
$30/year, and I can get a better deal buying several experienced ones that can,
at least, be verified working before I buy them and then keep a couple around as

My next level of disk interface for my server will undoubtedly be fiberchannel
rather than SCSI, so this whole thing won't be an issue once I've finally
convinced myself that the 8-bit SCSI channel is obsolete. Fortunately, ADAPTEC
hasn't bought up all their competitors in the FibreChannel market.


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> >I've got a box full of various models of AHA2940 and 3940 that don't work
> >in all
> >systems, and most of them don't work in any system at all. Most of them
> >exhibit
> >one of two symptoms. (1) they don't work in systems with a bus clock >25
> >or (2) they don't find any SCSI devices, irrespective of the fact that other
> >2940's, among others, find them just fine. The longest I've ever had a
> >(the only type that seems to work in all applications) last is 6 months.
> >Fortunately, the old 152x types and 151x types seem to keep on going ...
> Adaptec has a 5 year warranty on the 2940 cards, just RMA them.
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