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Date: Sat Oct 27 23:43:34 2001

I have the IIT FPU on my 24 MHz '286 board. It really does a good job, obsolete
though it is. It runs at full speed in that application.


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> At 12:17 AM 10/28/01 +0100, Iggy wrote:
> >I've got an IBM-made OEM machine (mine is branded by Lap Power) with a big
> >daughter-board with seven or so ISA slots and three VLB slots. The mobo
> >features a Blue Lightning processor and parity RAM.
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> >Oh, it had an all-plastic DLC-33 FPU from IIT, too.
> I liked IIT FPU's. Long before MMX, they had things like 4x4
> matrix multiply instructions (for implementation of 3D homogeneous
> transforms, rotation/scaling & such). And they were better at
> raw computations than the corresponding ix87 part. I remember
> hand-coding some robot control laws using those instructions.
> Even though the scaling row is usually left unused in robot apps
> (but it still is used for computations in the IIT FPU), thus
> producing some inefficiency, the built-in 4x4 was still much faster than
> a 3x4 matrix multiply algorithm.
> carlos.
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