IBM PowerStation 530 - Who wants it?

From: Blair J. Miller <>
Date: Sun Oct 28 08:56:56 2001

Hey all,

Well, after dealing with my postings of rather mundane questions about the
PowerStation 530 about a month ago, I disappeared. Now I'm back, and I've
got only one question - who wants it?

The thing is, as much fun as it would be to screw around with the thing, I
simply don't have the time to do so, and what's the point of depriving the
world of a classic computer just so that someday, I'll look at it, forget
about this email list, and toss it in the trash. To hell with that.

So, here goes: I know someone from this list already wanted the computer
from me, but I lost his/her email. If you still want it, you get first
crack. Otherwise, anyone who's willing to drive over to Ann Arbor and pick
it up from my dorm is more than welcome. Or, if the case need be, and you're
close enough (say... 50 miles or so) and you want to pay me gas money, I'll
drop it off (it gets really boring here, I drive around aimlessly to keep
myself entertained, so going somewhere would be perhaps even more

Oh, the computer is a working IBM Powerstation 530 without a monitor,
keyboard, etc... I have an adaptor cable to convert the three D-sub mini BNC
to regular BNC, and also perhaps 3 30 or so foot RGB BNC cables (probably
not useful at all, but if someone wants them, again, just let me know). I
don't know how much RAM, etc. I do have the key for it.

Thanks, sorry for the length.

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