From: Michael B. Brutman <mbbrutman_at_magnaspeed.net>
Date: Sun Oct 28 11:35:59 2001

I've never had a problem with two Adaptec 2940AU cards, an Adaptec
1542, or 2 Adaptec 1520s. The drivers leave something to be desired
once in a while.

My 486 VLB system runs a Buslogic BT445S SCSI card (Fast SCSI II)
and an ATI Graphics Ultra Pro. The Buslogic has been a wonderful
card; it's been in service 7 years now under OS/2, DOS, Winblows, and
now Linux. Too bad they were bought out by Mylex, and eventually
disappeared into oblivion. Any other Buslogic owners out there?

The ATI card was marvellous at the time - 1280x1024 in 256 colors
with a 70+ Hz refresh rate. It's a little flakey now - the system
requires me to hit the reset switch before it will boot. Replacement
ATI VLB cards have been DOA ... apparently they don't age too well.
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