first step getting VAX 6000-400 booted ...

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Sun Oct 28 12:08:44 2001

Carlini, Antonio wrote:

> >The specifications clearly say that you can do this:
> >
> >KDB50---->VAXbulkhead---->SA800bulkhead---->RA90
> >
> >and Geoff does this
> >
> >KDB50---->VAXbulkhead---->RA90.
> Does he? I recall him saying that he has
> an RA9x in the bottom of his 6000 but I
> do not recall him stating that he used
> an even number of cables to do this.

> AFAIK, *all* SDI cables are the same. Even never
> works, odd works if everything else is right.

O.K. thanks Antonio. I appreciate strong advice. I am
sure now that it is the cabling, i.e. my fault. Today
I'm going to sort out my tons of cables and am going
to find a cable with connector or something to put

BTW, my one drive I tried has passed all internal tests.
The second one I tried to put into operation caused a
fuse to blow out after it sucked some dust into its
air inlet. Need to get those drives cleaned more thorroughly
that were stored in the barn with those birds :-).

thanks much, I should get it to work now. At least that

makes the VMS boot quicker. Still don't know why the
TU81 isn't detected, but that's for later.


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